Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year Resolution

Starting my second Semester with my New Years Resolution to start blogging again!  I am having my 7th graders blog so I should follow suit and blog with them :)  The first semester of Steam was a big learning curve.  I have always taught gifted students and I found my expectations of my mixed ability students to be higher then it should be.  I needed to remember that they all have a different pace and learning style and that I need to get to know each student for that reason.  I am implementing a teamwork unit to find a good balance of learning who my students are and who they will work best when it comes to group work.  The 1st semester I saw a lot of students who had great leadership qualities but I had them sometimes in the same group and that was disaster.  I had the student who told me 5 people in the class she could not work with....tough trying to go with her wishes which I decided was not her place to tell me who she was going to work with.

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