Saturday, June 1, 2013

Twitter & Me

I could be called an erratic tweeter!  I sometimes have periods where I will be tweeting up a storm and then go for a period of time where I don't even look at my HootSuite to see what has been happening.  When I first started to tweet I thought you had to follow tons of people and I became overwhelmed trying to keep up.  Then a wise person told me to figure out those who I will benefit from in my PLN and to follow them and occasionally read others.  I have 7 Hashtags I follow on HootSuite which usually provide me with what I need.  I especially like that I can add the hashtag for a conference, follow that conference, get what resources I need and then take it off to add the next new hashtag.  Currently Summer Tech Institute was added along with Genius Hour to give me additional resources.  I enjoy when I go to EdCamp and we all have our name tags with our Twitter names and I can see in person who I am tweeting with.  I also feel good when I have a tweet retweeted and I know that I am on the right track with my learning and helping others with what I have found.


  1. Erratic Tweeter--yes, that does fit you! There are times when you tweet a lot and times when you don't tweet for days. And that is okay. I wish more people would realize that. You don't have to be on Twitter 24-7 to get something out of it.

    I've been encouraging people to use Twitter for 10 minutes a day to get used to it. But maybe I should change that to 10 minutes a week to start. I think it was Leann who wrote in her Twitter post that she is okay without looking a Twitter for a few days because she knows it will always be there. I think that is an important point to remember.

  2. I think the 10 minutes a week to start would be a great idea. When I was at NETA I spent so time with the NC teachers and they asked how I had time to tweet and pin. I explained it was not a every day chore but when I had time to enjoy and read. Thanks for the comment

  3. Beth I feel the same way. I am a follower on Twitter. I also got overwhelmed and quit for a while. I am still a lurker but I am getting better at joining.

  4. Oh my goodness, I feel like I learned something just reading this post. The hashtag conference idea is new to me (yes, I'm brand new to the twittosphere). I have honestly been making fun of hashtags and seeing how ridiculous I can get with them - but maybe I should start using them better! Thanks for the heads back to the training videos to learn more!!! :o)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I love trying to figure out new fun hashtags especially when I am tweeting on my student account. They probably don't find the humor in it that I do :)

  5. Okay Beth, I agree with Heather. I too have learned something from your post. I have not heard of HootSuite, so now I have something else to investigate. In the short time that I have been on Twitter I can see that I am following too many people/groups. I have removed some because the tweets were getting a little cumbersome. I am definitely learning as I go!