Monday, June 17, 2013

TED Talks for Education

This will be the introduction video I will be using with my classes this year! I feel that these girls had the best definition plus coming from peers also helps. I love the points that they bring up and to go and Discover! I will be asking my students What do you want to DISCOVER! I think this would be a great talk to have teachers and students hear. Grit is very important! We need to look at our passions and put them to the test. If we fail we need to continue on and ask the questions or learn how to find the answers and this could be a lifetime of learning. We need to make our students life time learners and I feel that using this as part of my Genius Hour day will maybe give that spark to ignite a students grit for learning. This is a great TED Talk and it went right with the class called Project Shine that I attended. I visited several industries in Columbus and the main topic was about the employees that they were hiring were not motivated and also did not have the skills for being employable. The idea of offering different schools to help students find what they want to do and actually have the chance to try is a interesting concept and something to watch as England continues with this project. I think I would have understood and maybe liked Math better!

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  1. I love your idea of using the videos in your STEM class. You found some great videos in that playlist.

    I love the Dan Meyer video. I have shared that with our math teachers and I follow Dan on Twitter. He has some great ideas. And I totally agree that I would have understood math better with that approach!