Thursday, June 6, 2013

Class badges

During the summer tech challenge for our school I was asked to look at Class Badges.  My first thought was I will never use that.  I had tried Class Dojo and had a hard time keeping up with the tracking of students.  I compared that system to this one so was not expecting much different.  After reading the guide and the blog on it I have changed my mind.  My first thought is to use it with my Genius Hour.  I feel I can see how it works with motivating this group of students as they develop and work on their projects.  If this works then I will try it with my STEM and Gifted classes.  I enjoyed making the badges but may need to change the looks as I get more into my curriculum.  I am excited to see how this will work.


  1. I do think you make an important point that it might be hard to keep up with the awarding of badges. Several others have pointed this out as well. So I like your idea to try it with one class and see how it goes.

    I know Leann uses Class Dojo with her kids. I always felt like Class Dojo was better for younger students. I think JH kids will like ClassBadges.

  2. I agree that Class Dojo seems to be more elementary! We will see how the experience works and they might end up in my iBook:)

  3. Your hesitation is the exact same one that I have... can I keep up with it? I too attempted Class Dojo and while my students and I loved it initially, it soon lost its magic because it wasn't quite visual enough for my kids. They like to know when and why they get rewards. Immediately. :-) Sometimes this can be challenging when using a program that can't be accessed with ease on the spot. I love your idea of attempting one class at a time!