Saturday, June 1, 2013

10 Skills

 Have I developed my 10 Skills...........
1. Build Your PLN - My Personal learning adventure started several years ago and it just keeps on building. Since being asked to help with the 1:1 dream for the JH and working through to it's reality I have and keep working on my personal learning through fellow co-workers, other blogs, twitter, Facebook and reading.
2. Establish Real Relationships: This is probably the best part of the 10 skills is the people I work with. I love being able to have my go to people (Lisa, Leann, Mickie, Jen, Renee) to talk over ideas and ways to implement them and have the backup if needed which it usually is.
3. Understand Where Technology Fits in Education: I use to think I had to load up my iPad with apps for all the different ideas I had. Then I would become overwhelmed and not know which one to use. I read that you should become an expert for one app at a time and learn what it can do so I have tried to do this with my digital coaching this year to help other teachers. This doesn't mean I don't get resource happy though. You should see my Evernote!
4. Know How To Find Useful Resources: This I feel I have no trouble with. I have always loved to read blogs and find new ways to do things. I just talked about my ever expanding Evernote with all the resources (some which I have never gotten to). I also use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Pinterest to help with resources. This will always be a work in progress.
5. Manage Your Online Reputation: Having taught Digital Citizenship for a year, I needed to make myself a good example for the students. I have always kept my social media so that I have a positive digital footprint for anyone to see.
6. Know How To Correctly Blog: I have had several blogs and enjoy developing but I have found it hard to keep going when it becomes busy during the school year. This will be a skill I will choose as my goal this year to work towards a blog that will be what people want to to read both fellow co-workers and students. Also a way for me to give evidence as to what works or didn't work this school year with a new curriculum.
7. Slow Down: Another thing to work on.......I have so many ideas but not enough time with students to make sure that the students are getting the information and leaving an impression as to what they need to learn.
 8. Make Social Media Work for You: I feel that I have no problem with this skill and I love having the resources to help enhance my lessons and make them interesting. I may have to scale down though because I sign up for things and may not get back to that area. One thing I would like to work at is Google +
9. Don't Be Afraid of Failing: Great advice which I will use again this year when teaching a new curriculum. I failed many times last year but I seem to find something better or figured out it wasn't as important as I thought.
10. Know When to Disconnect: This a hard one for me but I do take time for other things  ......maybe not as much as I should but I haven't felt burned out yet!


  1. Great blog post. I like how you compared yourself to the 10 items discussed in the article. I was hoping people would do that.

    Love your comment on apps. I too need to probably just focus on a few apps. I think I need to try everything so that I don't miss the next great thing. But I think I need to realize it is okay to just focus on a few really good apps.

    Great job!

  2. I liked that I could have a way to see how I am doing and then challenge myself to set goals to be a better modern teacher. Thanks for starting this challenge. I am enjoying it :)