Thursday, February 27, 2014

Genius Hour in Progress.....

Students have been working hard on their GH projects. Some are finding that they do not like what they are doing and are changing their minds. The school has blocked Minecraft so a handful of disappointed students had to change their ideas which they hated.  Some students are finding that their partners they chose are not as cooperative and they are starting to see the writing on the wall as to who will be doing the work in the group. Others find that they have bitten off more than they would like and are trying to scale back and think over the project from a different perspective. But then I have those students who know exactly what they want to learn about. I have a student making a cover of a song for his bass and then videoing himself playing it, learning to train her new puppy, exploring the world of Star Trek and they different languages, DIY channel of several projects and of course several original iMovies and trailers.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love to Kahoot

Kahoot Quiz Site

Yesterday I introduced my classes to Kahoot!  I love the ease of the program.  I decided to use pre-made quizzes to test it out and I was told to try the fun trivia quiz!   The students had a ball trying to get the correct answer in the fastest.  The class was noisy but the students were collaborating together about the answers.  It was fun to watch all my classes be involved and excited.  I will have to see if that excitement changes when I design my own subject matter quiz.........more to follow

New Year Resolution

Starting my second Semester with my New Years Resolution to start blogging again!  I am having my 7th graders blog so I should follow suit and blog with them :)  The first semester of Steam was a big learning curve.  I have always taught gifted students and I found my expectations of my mixed ability students to be higher then it should be.  I needed to remember that they all have a different pace and learning style and that I need to get to know each student for that reason.  I am implementing a teamwork unit to find a good balance of learning who my students are and who they will work best when it comes to group work.  The 1st semester I saw a lot of students who had great leadership qualities but I had them sometimes in the same group and that was disaster.  I had the student who told me 5 people in the class she could not work with....tough trying to go with her wishes which I decided was not her place to tell me who she was going to work with.

Monday, July 1, 2013

To Voki or not to Voki

I have used Voki in my classroom for the last 3 years. My students liked the app but found that it had glitches which would delete their Voki, not let them embed it on their blog and the one they really hated was not being able to use all the characters, backgrounds and etc. since we were not a Voki classroom and had to pay for it. I like the idea of the students creating their own avatars and allowing them to use their own voice. That was another problem we had with using microphones to record. I am not dishing Voki but I have started to use Tellagami after being introduced to it at NETA. I like that it has a full screen, more of a short story telling option (30 sec), the students still can create an avatar, use their own voice and it is a free iPad app. Here is my Voki I created for my Genius Hour Class to introduce what would be happening Here is my Tellagami introduction You decide which you like better :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

TED Talks for Education

This will be the introduction video I will be using with my classes this year! I feel that these girls had the best definition plus coming from peers also helps. I love the points that they bring up and to go and Discover! I will be asking my students What do you want to DISCOVER! I think this would be a great talk to have teachers and students hear. Grit is very important! We need to look at our passions and put them to the test. If we fail we need to continue on and ask the questions or learn how to find the answers and this could be a lifetime of learning. We need to make our students life time learners and I feel that using this as part of my Genius Hour day will maybe give that spark to ignite a students grit for learning. This is a great TED Talk and it went right with the class called Project Shine that I attended. I visited several industries in Columbus and the main topic was about the employees that they were hiring were not motivated and also did not have the skills for being employable. The idea of offering different schools to help students find what they want to do and actually have the chance to try is a interesting concept and something to watch as England continues with this project. I think I would have understood and maybe liked Math better!

Monday, June 10, 2013

App Smashing

Great Idea that I will be using in my classes. Around the App Smashing - Digital Poetry #ec3ta13 #ipaded #ed...: Note: Later this week, I'll have the opportunity to share some ideas inspired by app smashing concept...and share some of my favorite ...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I love to Pin


I found Pinterest several years ago and I was hooked.  I love to cook so this was a great place to put the recipes I found and then be able to organize them in a easy way.  I then started to branch out to other boards and one of them was named School & Technology.  I was surprised at first to find some really good things for school but after others found the same things the pins started to come fast & furious and they were great resources.  Until this summer tech challenge I have had just one board.  Now I have boards for all the pins I want to follow in education and I will have to start working on the original board to move those pins to the right area :)  Pinning can be very time consuming  and I could spend hours searching and looking at different pins.  The problem is it is not always educational and I get sucked into other things.  My husband still gives me a bad time when he has a problem to solve (clogged drains for example) and he will ask if I have "pinned" something to solve this and of course I have or can look for it.  I have caught him looking at my boards for recipes also :)  Pinterest has been great for education or my daily life!